Intacct Enables Growing Companies

October 17, 2017
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October 17, 2017 Ken Jacobsen

Intacct Enables Growing Companies

Most companies are focused on growth of their client base and revenues. They need an ERP system like Intacct that will enable them to grow without hindering their organization’s operations and allowing them to easily understand what is happening with revenue and expenses.

In the past, it was good enough to have an accounting system which handles debits and credits while following GAAP standards. However, in today’s business environment that isn’t enough. Businesses are much more complicated with multiple options, locations, and business models. They need flexible systems to track all this and that work together seamlessly while providing the KPIs and reporting functionality to monitor progress towards their goals.

Intacct understands all of this and provides an ERP solution that is designed to eliminate and streamline manual processes with a cloud-based solution that is available throughout geographically distributed organizations. More importantly, the underlying dimensional-based general ledger allows utilization of an easier-to-use chart of accounts while also offering more detailed operational reporting.

Traditionally structured chart of account systems weren’t built to handle today’s complexity. Intacct makes it easier for the finance team to process transactions as well as provide consolidated books without having to rely on manual spreadsheets.

Revenue growth and increasing transactional volumes shouldn’t be an excuse for not providing timely financial reporting for management and the board. Actually, growth increases the need for timely reporting data to know what’s working and why.  If something isn’t working, organizations need to be able to make changes quickly.

Intacct was built with two objectives in mind: first, to empower finance with functional depth, and second to empower organizations to use the best solutions for each area of their business. Intacct doesn’t believe that one software provider can provide all the functionality that a complex business requires to efficiently operate.

Instead, they provide an integration framework and partner with best-in-class applications like for CRM, ADP for payroll and American Express for AP payment processing. They’ve made it so simple to integrate other systems that more than 75% of their customers have integrated Intacct with at least two systems.

To learn how Intacct can help your organization more efficiently grow and be successful, contact The TM Group and we’ll discuss your new system business requirements. Since 1984, The TM Group has been empowering organizations and people with technology.

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