January 24, 2012 TM Group

Panatrack Data Collection, Inventory and Asset tracking

Panatrack Data Collection, Inventory and Asset tracking

Panatrack offers mobile solutions full integrated with Dynamics® GP for inventory and asset tracking using technologies including wireless, bar code, and RFID for a wide range of industries. They enable data collection on the warehouse floor, at the customer or job site, or on the sales floor allowing clients to better control inventory, assets, and activities with mobile technology. Microsoft Dynamics GP proves the core foundation needed for a Warehouse Management System (WMS). PanatrackerGP gives your workforce access to inventory details and the ability to capture transactions at the point and time they occur. PanatrackerGP offers an affordable and fully integrated solution.

PanatrackerGP Core Inventory
All clients with inventory needs to track adds, moves, and counts. PanatrackerGP Core inventory transactions include Receiving, Adjustments, Site Transfers, Bin Moves (when using multi-bins), and Stock Count. Plus clients can add additional features such as Order Fulfillment (Pick & Pack), Automated Label Printing, Assembly, and Project Accounting Transfers. Additionally, advanced features can be added that include Directed Transfer, ASN Receiving, Shipping Integration, and Manufacturing with support to GP Manufacturing, Vicinity, and Horizon.

PanatrackerGP Fixed Assets
Assets must be managed both financially and physically which requires knowledge of where all of the assets are. PanatrackerGP Fixed Asset for Microsoft Dynamics GP Fixed Assets provides an easy-to-use interface to quickly scan asset tags to update who has it or where it is located without requiring direct access to Dynamics GP. This platform also allows you to synchronize details to the mobile computer. PanatrackerGP supports the following tasks Add New Asset Record, Update Asset, Assign Asset Label ID, Physical Inventory – Validate Asset, and Print Asset Labels.

PanatrackerGP Field Sales
PanatrackerGP Field Inventory records inventory for jobs, service activities or projects. If users don’t have a continuous network connection, PanatrackerGP provides a solution for handle basic inventory tracking including Receiving and Transfers. As an extension to the Microsoft Dynamics GP database, users can capture both sales and inventory transactions when and where they occur. Additionally, users can accept cash and check payments for one or more transactions. It also includes cash receipt management with the option to automatically create a deposit in GP.


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