How Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help with high expectation customers

December 3, 2019 Allie

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help with high expectation customers

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It is said that if you come into any experience with low expectations, you’ll never be disappointed. But in an era of instant gratification, such a stance is unrealistic. If customers don’t receive the kind of service to which they’re entitled, many have no compunction about taking their business elsewhere. Whether in retail, hospitality, banking or any number of other business related to consumer as well as business-to-business transactions, the numbers prove as much.

However, with Microsoft Dynamics 365, your company can better understand what it takes to satisfy your hardest-to-please customers in order to win them over and keep them coming back again and again.

But before we get into the specifics of how utilizing this customer relationship and enterprise resource planning software can enable you to go above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction, it’s instructive to examine the extent to which patrons decide to go with a different products or services provider due to dissatisfaction. In June 2017, multinational professional services firm Accenture polled approximately 25,000 people from 33 different economically emerging and mature countries to get a better understanding of how expectations guided their purchasing and shopping decisions. Sectors examined included retailers (such as grocery and department stores), hotels, wireless phone companies, internet service providers, banks, airlines, utility companies as well as insurers.

Most people acknowledge they’ve switched due to bad service

Across the board, meaning in all the sectors that were assessed, customers went with a competing business due to poor customer service. Overall, 61% of respondents made the switch – up 2% from an earlier survey conducted by Accenture survey. This number ballooned to almost 80% for customers in emerging countries.

Customer expectations, it seems, are assuming a similar pattern to the cost of living: one that’s consistently on the rise. As detailed in the Accenture study, more than half of consumers – 53% – acknowledged that their expectations were higher today than they were back in 2012. The reason why largely depended on the persons being asked. For instance, some said it had to do with their greater need for speed, while others pointed to a desire for added convenience or special treatment, having gotten it more often nowadays than back then.

There are many ways to make customers feel like they’re the one and only. Much of this depends on buy-in from staff or personnel. Your team must be fully engaged in order for customers to return the favor.

Actionable feedback is crucial

Another smart strategy is through feedback programs. Gallup Director of Client Experience Courtney Hesselbacher and writer Bailey Nelson, indicate that businesses seeking to win in the court of consumer opinion must do everything within their power to establish a customer-centric culture.

“They empower organizations to connect with customers and use customer analytics to shape their work culture and the way they operate,” Hesselbacher and Nelson noted.

In order to do it, Hesselbacher and Nelson went on to suggest, programs must ask key questions that allow customers to answer openly and honestly so “leaders can apply discoveries to optimize service and bring brand promises to life.” Furthermore, as previously referenced, employees must be in on the process and know how customer-centricity is realized. In other words, they have to be keenly familiar with what authentic customer service looks like in practice.

Where Microsoft Dynamics 365 fits

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer-centricity is possible. This ERP offers a variety of capabilities for your business that are in line with the products or services you provide such as sales, field service, marketing, supply chain management and retail. The intuitive customer data platform harnesses the feedback you receive from customers – such as through polling conducted online or other ways you obtain reviews from customers so you can get to the bottom of what makes customers truly happy. These insights are presented in a clean, readily decipherable format on your desktop or laptop, including graphs and charts. Microsoft Form Pro is included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service so you can quickly and seamlessly create surveys that can tap into what your customers are taking away from their shopping experiences.

If your business uses agents to answer questions and concerns – such as insurers, internet service providers or telephone – you can optimize their ability to solve customers’ problems through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights. Through AI-driven technology and advanced scoring methodologies that uniquely assess end-users’ experiences (Customer Satisfaction Score, or CSAT) your company can gain actionable intelligence on how your agents are handling customers’ queries and what needs to be done to better serve them in a timely fashion. It also allows you to monitor case volume. This may help identify when levels are too high and whether more agents may be needed to maximize productivity.

The TM Group is a proud provider of Microsoft products; we can help you set up this CRM/ERP solution so it’s ready to go straight out of the box. Contact us today – we can help you exceed your customers’ loftiest expectations.

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