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How Ben Franklin’s Life WOULD HAVE Been Much Easier, Had He Used Microsoft Dynamics 365

  Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, here. You guys really have it made in the digital age. It took me YEARS to develop the Bifocals & don’t  get me started on the Lightening Rod. If only I had cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Customer Engagement. Genius would surely have struck a whole lot sooner. It’s a software suite that can make any organization work smarter. It’s Revolutionary!

How Finance Teams Are Leveraging Technology in 2021

From supply chains to travel to life in general, just about everything slowed down dramatically during the COVID-19 crisis. But one phenomenon never stopped; in fact, it intensified: technological advancement. Be it in the form of wireless connectivity, automation, machine learning or video conferencing tools, technology was heavily relied upon throughout the pandemic to help businesses, schools, health care centers and business employees overcome the challenges the pandemic created. Based on workers’ feedback and many companies’ overall performance, technological innovation proved its mettle. To cite just one example, 33% of remote workers — who adopted a 100% work-from-home model during… Read more

Go and Grow with the Dynamics 365 Business Central Mobile App

No day is the same for the average small or mid-sized business. Tasks may take you from one place to the next and back again, with little time to take a breather back at the office. Whatever the nature of these on-the-go responsibilities happen to be, you need a mobile solution that will allow you to maintain visibility into your busy business without having to use your desktop. For that, there’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central mobile app (D365 BC Mobile app). What is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Mobile app? Compatible with virtually all smartphones and tablet devices,… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Grant Management

Do you run a not-for-profit (NFP) that must account for grants you receive from foundations or government agencies? If you answered “yes” to this question, you undoubtedly know that managing the financial aspects of grants requires a lot of preparation, organization and regimentation to keep all the particulars in order so you can provide the proper grant reporting required by grantors. And the more sources of funding you receive, the more complicated the management process can become from a standpoint of reporting, accounting and tracking. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can make the grant juggling act a lot simpler, streamlined… Read more

Furniture Supplier Achieves Independence and Optimized Inventory Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Client A subsidiary of a multinational company located in Europe, this client specializes in pre-molded design furniture and serves as its parent organization’s U.S.-based distributor. As a startup with only four employees at its local office and one customer making the majority of its sales, the company’s main long-term goals were to establish a broader network of outdoor furniture dealers to expand its footprint and grow its customer base. It also aimed to set up the technology that would allow personnel to maximize their overall output and productivity.   The Challenge To do that, though, the client needed to… Read more

Diminish Downtime and More with Microsoft’s HoloLens and Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile Technologies

As a small-business owner with tight deadlines, there’s no time for downtime. When you make commitments to clients  — who have their own make-or-break deadlines — you can’t afford to be late; patience ceases to be a virtue when being behind schedule becomes contagious. What’s more, downtime adds up, costing organizations in all industries an average of more than six hours per day in lost work productivity, which translates to 31 hours per week, according to The Washington Post. But what if you had a technology solution that could stop downtime dead in its tracks? Better yet, what if you… Read more

Diesel Firm Fuels Its Business Capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Client A large diesel engine repair services firm that operates three locations in the United States. The Challenge Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has come a long way over the years, to the point where those who were early adopters and invested in customizing the first generation solutions for their business requirements have gotten stuck with older versions. Such was the situation for this client, who had an old version of Microsoft Dynamics called Navision, the solution’s original name before Microsoft acquired it. Because the client had a highly customized version of the software, it prevented them from upgrading… Read more

How the Easter Bunny manages his eggs using Microsoft Dynamics

Hi, the Easter Bunny here to tell you how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement from the TM Group has changed my life! Using it has made me so much more organized – plus it’s a whole lot easier than my old, antiquated card filing system. Now I can get more eggs to more households faster. It’s one of THE leading cloud-based CRMs, and since implementing, my egg delivery sales have skyrocketed.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Manufacturing Utilized By Outdoor Equipment Manufacturer Better To Control Inventory

The Client An outdoor specialty sports equipment manufacturer based in Michigan that sells and distributes premium products, apparel and accessories. It also sponsors professional athletes. The company has been in business since 1978.   The Challenge Although fairly well-known to athletes and outdoor sports enthusiasts, the client was trying to grow its online web presence and hired an e-commerce firm to make this possible. That firm was charged with optimizing the company’s website, order handling and fulfillment and a few other services that were relevant to their needs and goals. It didn’t take too long for them to realize, however,… Read more

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Manufacturer Smooths Out Rocky Processes

The Client A leading high-end landscaping materials manufacturer and distributor based out of West Michigan. The company has been in business for approximately 35 years and provides products for retailers, contractors and architects in several different countries.   The Challenge While this client is known for its world-class customer service and products, some of their processes were anything but world-class, creating more work for staff and too many redundancies. These stilted workflows were particularly apparent when it came to inventory control and data tracking. For several years, they had been using Quickbooks and other homegrown access databases for tracking and… Read more